Lori Sabina Piecyk:

Born in Chicago > Raised in Sleepy Hollow, IL. > BFA Ceramics @ Northern Illinois University. > Adventures in Las Cruces, NM

Currently residing in Denver, Colorado where I work out of a cooperative ceramics studio, Castle Clay. My work is the result of my interests in pattern design, interiors, and minimalism. Making pottery allows me to combine all of my interests and as a form of meditation. The repetition and tedious nature of pot-making allows me to relieve any nervous energy in a positive and productive way. My work is about simple design and comfort. Mugs for coffee and tea, planters, candles, and other such cozy things. 


Special thanks to Noel Rojo for these images, as well as Castle Clay Artists for accepting me as a member. Without them, I wouldnt be doing what I love. I am forever grateful.