Winter Break

I wanted to extend a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped support my art in 2018. This was a big year for me, and it seems every year I’ve been adding more and more shows to the calendar, so thank you! I had three consecutive weeks of sales for the holiday season and I’m pretty much out of inventory. Time to buckle down and make more!

“Winter Break” isn’t going to be a break for me. Its more of a break from sales/etc, and a good time to try some new things. I’m super grateful for those who have come out from near and far to support my work. I’ve been slowly trying to make work faster and have more inventory, which will become an online store so that people outside the Denver area can have an LSP original! Thanks for your patience. The struggle is real to become my own business and to my distress, art school did not provide education on business management, sales taxes, e-commerce, and so on. I’m figuring all this out as I go.

In the meantime, the Museum of Contemporary Art in downtown Denver has my pottery stocked in their gift shop, and you can also find a few pots featured in Guest House. Check them out! I’ll dedicate my next post to them and their business which has been super fun to be a part of!

Here’s to a healthy and productive 2019!

Photo by @brandon.brightside

Photo by @brandon.brightside